Gran Acuario de Mazatlán

View of Gran Acuario de Mazatlan near Viaggio Resort Mazatlan

The Gran Acuario de Mazatlán will cover an area of 50,000 square meters, with 26,000 square meters to be completed in the first stage in the spring of 2023, and 24,000 square meters in the second stage set to finish in the fall of 2024. The main building will have 19 rooms and four inner courtyards for exhibitions, while the outdoor area will feature three rooms and a botanical garden. The main attraction will be the Grand Ocean Tank, and there will be four programs and 30 research lines in conservation. The aquarium will have over 4.7 million liters of water in exhibition tanks in the first stage and 200 million liters in a large lake.

Av. Leonismo Internacional 2, Antiguo Aeropuerto 82145 Mazatlán México

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